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Green & Wilds An Andy Bag of Anchovies


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100% air dried Golden Anchovies. Green & Wilds anchovies are high in protein, low in calories and packed with Omega 3. These ‘andy little anchovies are a great snack for any sized dog.  hey are an extremely rich source of the highly beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.  In addition, they are protein-rich and high in calcium, iron and other minerals.

This is a complementary treat for your dog as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Suitable for dogs from 3 months.

Green & Wilds fish are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Good Reasons to give your dog Green & Wilds anchovies –

  • High in Omega 3
  • Supports the brain development of puppies
  • Helps with arthritis by reducing inflammation
  • Improves ability to fight cancer
  • Benefits the immune system
  • Boosts heart and kidney health
  • Improves skin and coat condition
  • Helps reduce anxiety. depression and hyperactivity
  • Taste great!!!

Composition: 100% Anchovies


Green & Wilds


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