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Grey Dog Silhouette Dog Harness by Wagytail

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The Grey Dog Silhouette Harness by Wagytail is a cute, stylish accessory which will provide a comfortable way to walk your dog. The Grey Dog Silhouette Dog Harness is available in three different sizes and it is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit for your dog. The soft dog harness by Wagytail is comfortable, strong and secure whilst reducing pressure on your dog’s neck.

A matching lead is also available.

Please scroll down for more information and a size guide.

The Grey Dog Silhouette Dog Harness provides the ultimate comfort for your dog without restricting any movement and without causing chafing or rubbing.

Wagytail dog harnesses are made of soft padded air mesh polyester which will not cause your dogs fur to matt or knot. A dog harness can be the best choice for dogs especially for smaller breeds which often suffer with throat problems. These dog harnesses are ideal as they do not put any strain around the neck, distributing the weight of your dog around the chest and shoulders reducing any chance of choking or injury. The dog harnesses have an easy clip fastener at the side.

Please see below for a size guide, please do measure your dog before ordering to ensure a perfect fit.

Small – Neck 10″, Chest 13 – 18″ to suit breeds such as Chihuahua and Small Yorkshire Terrier

Medium – Neck 12″, Chest 16 – 21.5″ to suit breeds such as Shih Tzu and Jack Russell

Large – Neck 14″, Chest 19 – 26″ to suit breeds such as Cocker Spaniel and West Highland Terrier


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