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It’s A Dogs Life Pouch Purse – Blue


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The ‘It’s a dogs life’ range by Lisa Buckridge features a lovely array of different dog breeds including Jack Russell’s, Dalmatians, Bassets, Boxers, Whippets, Spaniels, Great Danes, Pugs, Westies, Scotties and Poodles.

The purse is made from oilcloth which gives a water resistant finish so it is easy to clean and is suitable to be used in all weather conditions. The Pouch Purse has a zipped top and a handy little plastic clasp so it can be attached to you, your bag, dog lead – anywhere you like really!

The inside of the pouch is fully lined in a dark grey cotton fabric with white dots. It also has the Lisa Buckridge label inside.

The size is approx 16cm Long x 10cm High.

Key features –

  • Beautiful dog print design
  • Made from oilcloth material
  • Easy to clean
  • Clasp so you can secure the purse
  • Matching bags available


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