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Stripe Dog Lead – 75% off!

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The Stripe lead is an all time classic that will never go out of style. The stripes feature a variety of subtle colours, which are easy on the eye but definitely make a statement.

The Sötnos multi function, versatile, smart lead adds additional purpose and functionality when walking your dog! This smart lead allows users to switch from a 127cm standard walking lead to a 95cm control lead in an instant – perfect for training and obedience! 

Complete with a black chrome embossed tag & clip fastener, this lead is also made from PU leather & tough nylon canvas which is super durable and easy to clean! The images are a section of the Stripe pattern, your collar & lead pattern will vary and be completely unique to your dog.

This lead has a matching collar available too, the perfect pair! 

Sizing Guide (width x length)

Small – 1.5 x 120cm

Large – 2.0 x 120cm

Sizing Guide (width x length)

Small – 1.5 x 120cm

Large – 2.0 x 120cm


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