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The Crafty Dog ‘Picnic Plaid’ Poop Bag Holder


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The Crafty Dog ‘Picnic Plaid’ checked poo bag holder is a great accessory to match your dogs harness, collar and lead. The poo bag holder can be used to fit a standard roll of poop bags, or carry those necessities like keys and treats.

The Crafty Dog ‘Picnic Plaid’ poop bag holder features a zip and a snap clip to easily attach to your dogs lead or your bag. It is made from lightweight neoprene material and has a custom Crafty Dog rubber dispenser. The Crafty Dog ‘Picnic Plaid’ Poo Bag Holder includes one roll of poo bags.

Size: 7cm x 5cm approx

Key features –

  • Room for a roll of poop bags as well as some change or some treats whilst out with your pupper
  • Made from lightweight neoprene material
  • Black metal hardware for attaching to your dogs lead
  • Size: 7cm x 5cm
  • Includes a FREE roll of poop bags!


The Crafty Dog


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