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Ancol Multi-Way Training Lead


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The Ancol Multi-Way Polyester Training Lead is a really versatile dog lead and it is an excellent dog walking accessory for all dog owners. With two trigger hooks and additional rings, the multi-way training lead is a variable length lead that provides more control when walking your dog.

The Ancol training lead is longer than a standard lead and has a clip on both ends. A double ended dog lead can be paired with a dog harness which has two lead attachment loops – a ring on the chest as well as a ring on the back. One end of the lead attaches to the front ring, and one clip attaches to the ring on the back. Attaching a training lead to both rings can limit the dog being able to pull as the dog is unable to pull forward in a straight line and you have more control.

The training dog lead also has various rings attached to it down the length of the lead. This allows you to attach one clip to the dog’s harness or collar and then loop the other end over and clip it back onto the lead making it in a standard lead style with a loop attachment to hold. The multiple ring attachments enables you to change the length of the lead to a short lead for more control or longer lead so your dog has more freedom depending on your dog walking environment.

The full lead length measures length 225cm x width 1.9cm

Key features – 

  • Adjustable length
  • Two trigger hooks
  • Can be used with a two point harness (lead ring on the chest and on the back of the harness)
  • Provides greater control when walking your dog
  • The lead measures length 225cm x width 1.9cm




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