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Carnilove Trout with Dill Soft Snack Dog Treats


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Carnilove Trout with Dill soft snack dog treats are ideal to use for dog training and are perfect to take with you on dog walks for treats. The best dog training treats are small, soft, and something your dog really enjoys and Carnilove soft snacks match this perfectly!

The trout dog treats are enriched with dill for improved mood and are grain free and potato free.

Pack size: 200g

Key features – 

  • Perfect to use as a training treat
  • Semi moist snack with fresh meat
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Trout enriched with dill for improved mood
  • Grain free and potato free
  • Pack size: 200g

Composition – 35% dried trout, yellow peas, liquid vegetable starch, trout gravy, poultry liver gravy, collagen, 1% dill, salmon oil




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