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Dog & Co Orange Rope Slip Lead

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The Dog & Co Orange Rope Slip Lead is made from soft braid which is light, strong and durable. The dog lead is soft to handle so really comfortable to use when walking your dog. 

A slip lead can be used as an all in one collar and lead. Simply slip the looped end of the lead over your dogs head and move the leather keeper up to the preferred fit around your dogs neck to prevent the lead coming off. Great for retrieving games and for training as the slip lead can easily be taken on and off enabling you to quickly control your dog.

You are also able to use the Dog & Co Orange Rope Slip Lead as a figure of 8 halter lead. 

Two sizes are available so you can get one to suit your dogs size.

  • Small – Length 150cm, Width 0.8cm
  • Large – Length 150cm, Width 1.4cm

Five colours are available black, brown, green, orange and pink. 

Key features – 

  • Soft to handle
  • Strong and durable 
  • Can be used as figure of 8 halter lead
  • Two sizes available  
  • Five colours available – black, brown, green, orange and pink 


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