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Elephant Treat Ball Belly Dog Toy by Ancol


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The Ancol Elephant Treat Ball Belly Interactive dog toy is perfect for cuddling and play and it features a tough treats dispenser tummy for added fun!

The cute elephant dog toy has different textures and a squeak to keep your dogs interest. The tummy of the plush dog toy can be used to hide treats in for interactive play and its perfect for cuddling once playtime is over. The rubbery spikes of the treat ball belly can help to clean teeth during play. The dog toy has 100% recycled stuffing.

Size: Length approx 25cm

Key features – 

  • Cute cuddly toy with a tough tummy
  • Can be used to hide treats for interactive play
  • Rubbery spikes to help clean teeth
  • Different textures to explore
  • Features a squeak for interest
  • 100% recycled stuffing
  • Toy measures 25cm




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