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Oggles Herman Monster Dog Toy by Happy Pet

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Introducing Herman, the perfect playmate for your furry friend! The fun monster dog toy by Happy Pet has a vibrant green colour and fluffy exterior, it’s a real treat for your dog’s senses.

Made with a plush covering, this toy is soft to the touch, but don’t be fooled by its softness! Hidden inside is a squeaky, spiky ball that adds an unexpected twist to your dog’s playtime. The squeaky sounds it makes will keep your dog entertained for hours, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging active play. Plus, its unique monster design adds a touch of whimsy, making playtime more exciting and enjoyable.

So, if you’re looking for a toy that combines fun, comfort, and a dash of the extraordinary, our Herman is the perfect choice. Part of Happy Pet Oggles range there are two other designs to choose from.

  • Small – 6cm
  • Large – 12cm

Key features –

  • Soft plush
  • Squeaky, spiky ball inside
  • Fun monster design
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Three designs of Oggles Monsters available



Happy Pet

Happy Pet is passionately dedicated to the health, happiness, and wellbeing of pets. Every product they create is meticulously crafted and constructed to support the natural instincts and unique lifestyles of each animal. With over fifty years of international pet trade experience, their dedicated factories implement strict quality controls and rigorous product testing. This ensures that their products conform to the highest health and safety standards. Over the years, Happy Pet has grown to become a respected market leader and innovator in pet products. The Lancashire Dog Company takes pride in stocking Happy Pet dog products.
Happy Pet at The Lancashire Dog Company


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