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Elephant Snooziez with Shhhqueaker by ZippyPaws


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Dogs love the sound of squeaky toys, but that’s not always the case with pet parents. That’s where ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys come in. These soft and cuddly corduroy cuties provide your dog with a delightful squeaker sound that falls silent upon human ears. Perfect toy for when you need a little peace and quiet around the house (e.g., during TV time, working from home, or when a baby is sleeping).

ZippyPaws Snooziez are the first in a new line of silent ZippyPaws dog toys. The Shhhqueaker noisemaker produces a high frequency squeak that only your dog can hear, thus eliminating the repetitive squeaking sound of traditional dog toys. And unlike other silent squeakers, the Shhhqueaker is free of dangerous metal parts. Each Snooziez toy includes one ZippyPaws exclusive Shhhqueaker for quieter play.

  • Squeaker: 1 Shhhqueaker
  • Toy size: 11″ x 7″ x 6″

Key features – 

  • Cute elephant design
  • Silent squeaker
  • Produces a high frequency squeak that only your dog can hear
  • Perfect dog toy when you need peace and quiet
  • Soft and cuddly corduroy material
  • Toy size: 11″ x 7″ x 6″




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